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ND Homeschool Moms is a soft place to land, an oasis in the desert, a stream in the wilderness meant to refresh homeschool moms of all ages and stages, faith and philosophy, especially those in the middle of their journey.

As homeschool moms and leaders, we’ve noticed that there is a lot of support for newbies and a lot of accolades for veterans and pioneers but not a lot of encouragement for the mom who has been at this for years. She’s hit her stride, has her routine but still sometimes just needs a friend, mentor, sister to encourage her to keep going.

Our mission is simple. Respite for weary homeschool moms: refreshing encouragement that leads them to the light & easy Yoke.

Our purpose is distinct. Encourage, support and mentor homeschool moms with hospitality, thoughtful events and compassionate coaching.

ND Homeschool Moms is for you, the mama in the wilderness looking for the well.

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